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During this time when the majority of families are huddled home together, things like Netflix and Amazon Prime can provide the distraction and family. However, we can only sit and watch so much before we start getting restless. Below you will find ideas and activities to worship together, interact together, and disconnect from devices to connect to each other.


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Connected 3D

Technology brings many benefits to our lives. But excessive screen time can create a flat, one-dimensional existence. We were made for the rich, three-dimensional experience of relationship with God and one another. So, while technology is great for some types of communication, it is no substitute a for real-world, face-to-face connection. Do you control your devices or are they starting to control you? How about your family? In a culture where everyone seems more “connected” than ever, how do we nurture real connection with the most important people in our lives?

Find out more about being Connected 3D.


You can now download and start using the Drive Faith Home mobile app to easily access tools designed to help you be more intentional at home. This app includes the following programs:

Start Driving Faith Home

This program provides an overview of why driving faith home is so important and explains the Drive Faith Home process for becoming more intentional at home in every life season. You will automatically start in this program when you first install the app.

Faith@Home Check-up

This program guides you through a check-up on the past few months and a plan of action for the next with customized suggestions for singles, couples, parents and grandparents. The app will automatically prompt you to revisit this program periodically as a catalyst for greater intentionality at home.

Your Child’s Faith Path

This program is a streamlined version of Faith Path tools designed to guide your child’s faith journey one step at a time. Once you indicate your child’s birthday month in the app, you will receive notification when it’s time to take the next step in passing faith to your child.

Follow these simple steps to get started now:

  • STEP 1: Use this link to download the app: Link
    (NOTE: You will be automatically directed to the Apple App or Google Play store. The app icon will show “gloo.” This is the mobile platform used for the Drive Faith Home app). 
  • STEP 2: Open the “gloo” app and select Sign Up to create a user account
  • STEP 3: Select Yes to be notified about important activity in the app
  • STEP 4: Select Allow to receive notifications
  • STEP 5: Select Start Program at the bottom of the page to work through this initial overview program. The app will then recommend next steps based on your answers. 

(NOTE: Once in the app, you can select the Home icon in the bottom left, then select the gear at the top right and customize by moving the Drive Faith Home icon to the top of the list. This will assure the Drive Faith Home app always opens first in the app.)

The app will prompt you three times per year to revisit the Faith@Home Check-up to see how you are doing at becoming more intentional at home. When you include your child’s birthday month in the Your Child’s Faith Path, the app will also notify you when it’s time to take the next step in your child’s faith journey.

Visit for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) on using the Drive Faith Home app.

Screen Time Guide for Parents

So much of our world today is dependent on mobile devices and being "on screen" that "screen time" has developed a new meaning and issues in eye health.

The group at has developed some good practices for children in developing good eye health habits.

Check it out!




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We’re not an encyclopedia or exhaustive training course on making your kids “turn out”. This blog is a cue. A prompt. Because really, we know you’re already busy doing all you can to invest in your kids and help them on their way to adulthood. But it’s not always easy to stay focused. Our goal is to make it easy for you to remember what’s important.


  • Sometimes going to church just isn’t practical or possible. That's why each Sunday we will upload new videos to this playlist so you can have a 20–30-minute meaningful family experience custom-designed to the age of your kids.

  • the parent cue app

    About the Parent Cue app

  • This blog is a cue. A prompt. Because really, we know you're already busy doing all you can to invest in your kids and help them on their way to adulthood.

  • The Parent Cue podcast

  • You are a better parent than you might realize. Your parenting style might not be for everyone, and that’s okay. At parent cue they want to help you be the parent you want to be. Their goal is simply to cue you with what you need, when you need it, so you can be the parent you want to be.