We know these times have called for everyone to create a new normal for their households. We also have made a few adjustments ourselves.

Below, you will find specific information for our ministries.


Preschool & Children

Sunday Mornings:

  • Babies/Crawlers
  • Toddlers/2's
  • 3's-4's
  • K-4th Grade
  • 5th & 6th Grade

During Worship

  • Babies/Crawlers
  • Toddlers/2's
  • 3's-K

Email Shelley for more information on our Preschool & Children's Ministries


Sunday Mornings:

  • Appropriately spaced large group teaching
  • Appropriately spaced small group discussion

Wednesday Nights

  • In Person

Ways to Connect with our Student Ministry on Social Media

Email Bro. Mark for information on our Student Ministry


Sunday Mornings:

College/Young Adult

  • Real Talk - Co-Ed - In person

Co-Ed Adults

  • Coed Young Adult – In person
  • Coed Adult All Ages – Zoom
  • Coed Median Adult A –Zoom
  • Coed Median Adult B – In person & Zoom
  • Coed Median Adult C – In person
  • Coed Senior Adults – In person


  • Men's 2 - In person


  • Ladies 1 - In person
  • Ladies 3 - In person
  • Ladies 4 - In person

Email Bro. Jay for more information about our Adult Discipleship Ministry

online ministry

Monday-Friday @ 7:30AM

Wednesday Nights

Sunday Mornings

Resources for Families

Connect with us

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