The Ark Encounter by Dennis Shumate


I recently had the opportunity to take some members of our Senior Adult Group, the Pacesetters, to visit the life-size Noah’s Ark that has been constructed just outside Williamstown, KY. It is one and a half times the length of a football field and offers three stories of displays, animations, and information. There’s also a zoo, donkey and camel rides, and a restaurant. It is an unusual experience designed to both strengthen a Christian’s faith and to lead the unbeliever to encounter our Savior.

Noah’s story is found in Genesis chapters 6-10. He lived in a time of great wickedness, such wickedness that God decided to bring judgment to mankind through the Great Flood. Noah, in contrast, was a man of integrity who found grace in the eyes of the Lord. He listened to and obeyed God’s command to build the Ark. Because he was obedient he and his family survived the Great Flood, and mankind was given a fresh start on the earth.

We also are living in a time of wickedness, and judgment will come again. The wicked will perish, but there is hope in Jesus. If we walk with God, worship Him, and obey Him, He will bless and lead us through the difficulties of this life, and He will save us from the judgment to come. How awesome is that?

When the flood was over and Noah stood once again on dry ground his first priority was worship. That seems very appropriate after a life changing experience, but the reality is that he was a worshipper before he built the ark, while he was building the ark, and while he was riding out the flood. This was a special occasion of worship for Noah as a result of his unusual experience, but it was also the pattern of his life. What’s the pattern of your life?

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