Let’s say it... We miss seeing and greeting each other!

We love living in community, we thrive when we get to hear each other’s voices, and we are blessed as we gather in worship together. These last few weeks have been unique. So, we have a special opportunity for you on April 12th and 19th! Let’s say, “Good Morning!” to each other even while we’re apart.

Here’s the opportunity, would you, your family, you and your roommates, or you and your dog record a short greeting on your phone and send it to us? We will take the submissions we get and play them during our video announcements on April 12th and 19th! We may not be together in the same room, but we are still together in community, and we never believed the church was contained in the building!

Here’s how to submit your greeting video:

  1. Set up your phone to record in landscape mode.
  2. Record 5–7 seconds and say "Good morning, from the _______ house!"
  3. Submit your video to this link here or the link below.

Submission Deadlines

  1. Easter video deadline: 4/8 by 5pm.
  2. 4/19 service deadline: 4/15 by 5pm.

Can’t wait to be greeted by you!

Submit Your Video Here


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